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Dr. Ainka Granderson from the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute (CANARI) introduces the Caribbean Climate Justice Alliance (CCJA) which aims to transform policy and practice for climate action. This episode makes us appreciate that: 1) Governments are important but the groundwork even more so. 2) The roots of climate resilience are tied to local communities. 3) Civil society groups, academia, community-based organizations and youth groups are the indispensable heroes in the climate justice league.

Ainka outlines CANARI’s climate justice agenda which is to bring together organizations fighting for climate justice to achieve greater regional impact. The episode also gives insight into the practical approaches used by CANARI including the implementation of a monitoring and evaluation framework  to track the progress of climate justice projects.

Using advocacy, action, learning and partnerships, CANARI aims to amplify the voices of vulnerable communities to champion climate justice in all forms.

About The Guest

Dr. Ainka Granderson

Dr. Ainka Granderson, Senior Technical Officer, is a climate change adaptation specialist with expertise in community-based adaptation, vulnerability assessments and participatory development of adaptation plans and policies. She brings over seven years of experience working in climate change and environmental management in the Pacific and Caribbean islands. Ainka was also engaged as a Climate Adaptation Flagship Fellow at the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation, Australia where she conducted research on social barriers to climate change adaptation in small island developing states.

As manager of the Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Programme at CANARI, Ainka brings together her twin passions for conserving nature and building resilient communities across the Caribbean. Her strong background in science communication, education and monitoring and evaluation also aids this work.

Ainka has a PhD. in Resource Management and Geography, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2015; an Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, 2007; and a BA (Hons.) in Geography, University of Cambridge, UK, 2003.