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Climate change impacts are felt all across the world but it’s not just an environment challenge.  It’s no secret that the global threat isn’t always black and white. How does climate change become an issue of racial and social justice? Environment activist Simmone Ahiaku helps us to see through the kaleidoscope. This conversation distills climate impacts, communities, colour and colonialism all connected to the Global North and the Global South.

Exploring the human dimension of climate impacts foregrounds vulnerable communities and how they are hardest hit by the physical, social and financial impacts of climate change.

Simmone served all the sauce in this episode! Peeling back the layers of climate justice. We explore the dangers of the Eurocentric narrative of climate activism and how this can eclipse the efforts of marginalized communities.

On the surface we are all in the same fight but below we have to deep dive into issues of diversity and inclusivity to win this war.

In commemoration of Black History Month, celebrated in North America and the Caribbean we highlight black climate champions and eco warriors. You can connect with them below:

Black Environmentalists we want to highlight!!!!

  1. Zamzam Ibrahim-
  3. The wretched of the earth collective-
  4. Samia Alexandra-
  5. Diaspora Dialogues –
  6. Joyce longdon- founder of climate in colour-
  7. Josina from Land in our names (LION)-
  8. Chantelle Richardson- from Jamaica-
  9. Francisca Rokey creater of black geographers-
  10. Teju Adisa-Farrar-
  11. Solidaritree-
  12. Jolly Oluka-
  13. Tyrone scott-
  14. Beth Collier-
  15. Deirdre Woods wood
  16. Freedomfransorants –
  17. Karen runs POC in nature –
  18. Isra Hirsi- cofounder of usclimate strike-
  19. Generation Green –
  20. Caribbean Youth Environment Network
  21. Jamaica Climate Change Youth Council –
  22. Eleanor Terrelonge-
  23. Jhannel Tomlinson –
  24. Ayesha Constable –
  25. Michael Morgan –

26. Youth Climate Change Activists –

About The Guest

Simmone Ahiaku

Simmone is an award-winning changemaker, campaigner and activist who has contributed to environmental, social and cultural work in Bristol, London and across the UK. She interned at the City of London Corporation as part of the Air Pollution and Noise team where she first contributed to a report exploring air pollution, race and class – sparking her passion for climate justice and liberation from all unequal systems of power and oppression. Previously the Fossil Free Campaigns Coordinator at People and Planet, Simmone developed her skills and campaigning around climate justice, collective liberation and solidarity and uses facilitated workshops and panels as her medium to educate, spark conversation and dismantle power.