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International Women’s Day calls for the acknowledgment of the glitz as well as the glum of being a woman. Here’s an adventurous conversation with one unapologetic attorney/ wax aesthetician who came into an early awareness of the power of being female. Tatiana Answer champions women’s rights and empowerment socially, politically, legally and aesthetically.

She guided us along the local pathway she took to feminism and providing support through one of the longstanding organizations fighting gender-based violence in Jamaica.

The conversation strips away to a self- illusioned near death experience which inspired the creation of her now full-fledged wax company Hedged. Imagine turning your short-lived trauma into a livelihood!

Underneath all the reflections and risqué rundowns is the reminder that through each day and every encounter, women break barriers when we #ChooseToChallenge.

About The Guest

Tatiana Answer

Tatiana is an Attorney-at-Law and Entrepreneur based in Jamaica. She is the former Group Sales Manager for the Hedonism II hotel in Negril where she was employed after her first degree in Integrated Marketing Communication.

Following her decision to leave the hotel industry to pursue law, she remained in hospitality by forming Local Pathway Ltd. a tour company based in Jamaica with a focus on the eastern side of the island. During her law school tenure, she also founded a mobile waxing business called Hedged.

Since 2012 Tatiana has been a volunteer with Woman Inc., a non-governmental organization that offers counselling and shelter to survivors of rape, incest, domestic violence and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Tatiana is currently employed to the firm Malcolm Gordon located in New Kingston and is currently the sole operator of Hedged.