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Indigenous peoples are the world’s first eco-warriors, through their way of life, they are  protectors and preservers of our natural environment. In the Caribbean, indigenous groups are fighting for land rights, the protection of natural resources, the continuity of their culture and resilience to climate change. In this two-part episode we connect with indigenous communities in Suriname and Belize.

In part one, Sirito Yana Aloema, shares the experiences of his Kaliña tribe and how traditional knowledge, practices and livelihood are affected by climate change. Through the lens of the Galibi native, we explore the connection with climate change, culture and community life. We learn firsthand the threats to community development due to loss of culture and how the economic ambitions of outsiders are depleting natural resources. Yet in the face of economic, political and social challenges, the Kaliña remain resilient. The respect for nature, the caution for the overuse of resources and their desire for intergenerational equity proves conversations on climate justice should always centre indigenous people.

About The Guest

Sirito Yana Aloema

Sirito Yana Aloema is the President of the Organization of Indigenous people in Suriname (OIS) or Organisatie van Inheemse volken in Suriname ( OIS).