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Being blind doesn’t mean you should be left behind, in conversations on climate justice and certainly not in cases of natural disasters. In this stirring interview, Radio station Manager, Patrick Layafette and Executive Director for Jamaica Society for the Blind, Conrad Harris challenge how we see the visually impaired community in relation to disaster risk reduction and social engagement.

We discuss social and economic factors that affect the blind community that filter into exclusion from climate action. The dynamic duo shows us how communities can also enhance resilience by identifying and including people with disabilities before an emergency or natural disaster.

The visually impaired community is often cut off from critical information. We explore the platforms and inclusive communication approaches that can drive awareness and facilitate greater participation from the differently abled group.

About The Guests

Flyer for Podcast on climate justice for the visually impaired or blind

Patrick Lafayette and Conrad Harris

Patrick Lafayette is a communication specialist, broadcaster and station manager at ChrisMix Radio. An accessibility advocate, Patrick  works with individuals with disabilities in both Jamaica and the United States, focusing on the utilization of the iPhone and various adaptive technologies.

Conrad Harris  is the Executive Director for Jamaica Society for the Blind for over 13 years. Conrad supports community to help blind trainees realize and fulfill their full potential.