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In the second part of our conversation with Ayesha Constable, co-founder GirlsCARE, Young People for Climate Action and our partner in this climate justice series, we continue to explore the powerful link between gender justice and climate justice in the Caribbean. In this thought provoking episode, Ayesha uncovers how women’s empowerment and equality play a vital role in combating climate change impacts.

About The Guest

Flyer for Part 2 of podcast on gender and climate justice in the Caribbean

Ayesha Constable

Ayesha Constable is a climate researcher and practitioner who applies a feminist approach to her work as a scholar activist. She is co-founder of GirlsCARE and founder of Young People for Action on Climate Change Jamaica. As a young woman in academia and climate action, Ayesha uses every opportunity to promote the intersectionality of climate impact and gender inequality and advocate for more women and girls in climate action.