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Global Yaadie teamed up with a dynamic duo for our second pod to pod. When  2 Nerds Start a Podcast we knew it would be nothing short of awesome. Our co-hosts put rumours to rest by injecting us with the truth about vaccines. Science class is in full session as we understand the process behind the vaccines and how they reduce risk of transmission.

We explore vaccine skepticism, the categories of vaccines, novel vs. normal issues with vaccine manufacture eg. cases of bloodclots and more. Surf above deep fakes on the internet. We debunk the ridiculous myths associated with the vaccination process and what vaccines actually do to our bodies. We skim a little over socio-political issues like the statistical representation of ethnic minorities in vaccine trials.

Seek clarity through the science and not the next chain message on your social media.

Get the facts then get the vax.

Join Eleanor and Derrick in tackling conspiracy theories, science “news” and controversial topics at 2 Nerds Start a Podcast

About The Guest

2 Nerds Start a Podcast

Eleanor Terrelonge and Derrick Horsham are Molecular Biology PhD students and  co-hosts of  2 Nerds Start a Podcast who dish saucy science details on their podcast. They use their platform to "fight disinformation, debunk myths & conspiracy theories with science."