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Despite the trying times she continues to be a jolly good Fellow. Librarian and Chevening Fellow at the British Library Chantelle Richardson joins us in this episode. Chantelle provides a non-student perspective on how the current changes have affected her role and operations at the largest library in the world and one of the most coveted studying spots in London. In this time of social distancing and food panic buying we are reminded there are still advantages of being in a communal space. If you run out of stock during lockdown, you might want to message her (she is stocked for two months).  Hailing from the parish of Clarendon which unfortunately recorded Jamaica’s first death from the coronavirus, she shares the connectivity with her family and the precautions they have put in place.

The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23,2020*

About The Guest

Chantelle Richardson Global Yaadie

Chantelle Richardson

Chantelle is a Librarian at the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ). She is completing a research-based fellowship on digitized archival material from Latin America and the Caribbean at the British Library. Since working at the NLJ, she has continuously worked to advance the field of Library and Information Science through her work with the Library and Information Association of Jamaica (LIAJA). She has served LIAJA in various capacities, most noticeably as Secretary during her tenure.

Chantelle is also very active in her community where she has served as the Public Relations Officer for the Free Town Police Youth Club (PYC) and is now the currently serving as the PYC’s Secretary. Through the PYC and other outreach programmes, she currently assists persons with career, cultural and community development related activities. She is also an avid reader and loves all things Jamaican! Upon her return, she will use her skillsets to aid in the continuous preservation of Jamaica’s irreplaceable cultural heritage.