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Keep Calm and Quarantine! While the rest of us are up our necks in anxiety Public Health Inspector and Food Safety Specialist Sheneka Royal keeps it cool but cautious. The University of Birmingham master’s student weighs in on the novel corona virus dropping some important distinctions and helpful tips on sanitation and hygiene practices. Her programme – Food Safety, Hygiene and Management enables valuable insight in the monitoring and assessment of the pandemic. We even learned terms like “epidemiology curve” as we explored the progress of the situation. There have been academic disruptions for all nonetheless, Sheneka discloses how she is dealing with changes from initial lab-based dissertation also revealing how the covid-19 has reshaped perspective on future studies.

The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*

About The Guest

Sheneka Royal Global Yaadie

Sheneka Royal

Sheneka Royal has worked as a Public Health Inspector and Food Safety Specialist for over six (6) years. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Health from the University of Technology, Jamaica and a Certificate in Workforce Training from Delaware State University. Ms. Royal, also an educator and cooperate trainer, enjoys motivating individuals, meeting new people, traveling and learning. Presently, she volunteers within various communities in St James assisting needy families and at-risk youth; providing empowerment, encouragement and educational support.

She is pursuing a Master of Science in Food Safety; Hygiene and Management at the University of Birmingham. Her long-term vision sees Jamaica maximizing economic growth, through education, planning and policy implementation.