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In this episode we hear from our Scotland-based Chevening Scholar Ntinda Mvula who is pursuing a MSc. In Renewable Energy Engineering at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Majority of this colleagues have departed but this world tourist is currently staying put like many of us hoping for thing to stabilize. An entrepreneur with an online business Ntinda shares his reality on how the pandemic has slowed his virtual enterprise. He paints the picture of the Zambian situation, still in need of a bit more urgency as many other countries puts a pause on business as usual. We discuss measures required for countries and citizens to minimize the risk of transmissions citing the critical need for more proactivity. He is not getting to practise his Taekwondo inside but he takes walks and captures photos to relax his mind under quarantine.

The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23, 2020*

About The Guest

Ntinda Mvula Global Yaadie

Ntinda Mvula

Ntinda Mvula is an Electrical Engineer studying Renewable Energy Engineering at Heriot-Watt University. His main areas of interest are solar photovoltaic technology and smart microgrid design. Currently, he is working on a smart microgrid with peer-to-peer energy sharing using blockchain.

Ntinda is also the co-founder and founder of Exponent Technologies Limited and MatteBlac respectively. Both Zambian based firms, the former is a multi-disciplinary ICT services company that specialises in Telecoms, Electronics & Web Development solutions while the latter is an online video game store. He also practices Taekwondo and has a knack for numbers.