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Former Engagement and Outreach officer at United Nations, Indonesia Anisa Pratiwi is now pursuing Public Policy at the University College of London. She shares how she is managing the transition from the in-class interactions to the online space and what this means for the academic experience including the challenges of schoolmates who have now opted to study outside. We discuss the impact of the pandemic on her home country Indonesia. Anisa Exploring the issue through various lenses including the political leadership, critiquing the readiness of government, employment schemes, social protection socio-economic impacts and information and crises management. On the upside, we are happy to learn, covid-19 has been a catalyst for connectivity, a commonality with subsequent episodes.

The figures and scenarios reported within the episodes were based on time of recording as at March 22-23,2020*

About The Guest

Anisa Pratiwi

Anisa’s work experience in United Nations, Indonesia has brought her to further pursue her interest in Public Policy. She is pursuing a master’s degree in University College London with a scholarship from Chevening Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom. Previously she spent two years working to mainstream overarching goals in the Sustainable Development Goa (SDGs) with the government of Indonesia. In particular she took part in the Innovative Financing Lab in United Nations Development Program supporting the head of the team conducting research to draft a framework on Innovative Finance such as Blue Environment Financial Instruments, Blended Finance for renewable energy projects in remote islands, and managing an end-to-end projects on youth entrepreneurship initiative. She is particularly interested in unlocking the potential of innovative financing in achieving the SDG’s especially within the Climate and Energy sector.