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“We are all facing the same seas but we aren’t in the same boat”. Climate justice concerns face us all but look differently beyond the surface. In this episode, climate change expert Steve Maximay breaks down the concept of climate justice and more importantly, stimulates a deep and different way of thinking about climate justice concerns and the just transition the Caribbean region needs to build sustainable communities.

Having worked across all CARICOM countries, Steve has a regional vantage point of the climate impacts experienced as well as the regionally relevant considerations for just transition. Though mitigation (curbing greenhouse gas emissions) is the big ticket item on the international stage – COP 27 and is also important for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), adaptation (responding to climate impacts) is at the apex of the Caribbean’s climate concerns.

The Caribbean region has undergone several transitions in previous decades. However in the face of the climate crisis, more inclusive policies and processes that tackle social justice concerns and address inequalities will help us surmount intersectional challenges. By aligning the  policies and programmes with the needs and interests of all people, the region can just transition.

About The Guest

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Steve Maximay

Steve Maximay is an EU-recognized Expert on Climate Change and was a member of the team that wrote the first Risk Management Manual for Climate Change in the Caribbean. Steve is Science Advisor to the Association of Caribbean Media- workers (ACM) and has worked in every CARICOM country. He is an Advocate for “Just Transitions,” particularly those occasioned by Climate Change and has been in the forefront for Caribbean- based solutions.