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I had the opportunity to travel to Spain for United Nations COP 25 Climate Change Conference. This is an annual global conference where world leaders, various country representatives, environment organizations, activists all dedicated to fighting climate change convene. COP stands for Conference of Parties and this is where country delegations come together to assess progress and agree on to reduce global emission targets – which is working towards curbing actions and activities reducing the amount of carbon dioxide. The theme for COP 25 was “Time to Act” an important call for all countries to work individually and collectively to beyond the landmark Paris Agreement to keep global warming below 1.5◦C

What is this climate crisis?

What does taking action even mean?  Is climate change just another trend or is it a critical underpinning of a new world order? During the ongoing country delegations, exhibitions showcasing climate-smart innovations, panel discussions and presentations highlighting realities within regions across the globe, I sat down with Ayesha Constable, climate activist and National Coordinating Officer for Jamaica – Japan Caribbean Climate Change Partnership to answer these questions. In our discussion, we explored the evolution of the climate change debate, the divide between the developing and developed countries – (are the Global South countries getting the needed attention?), the role of citizens in addressing the climate change and youth champions who are taking a stand against climate change.

About The Guest

Ayesha Constable

As an eco-feminist, Ayesha has paired her activism with her scholarship having researched and published on gender and climate change as part of her doctoral studies, which links her interests in agriculture, youth and gender.  She has served as member of several regional and global youth networks including the  Caribbean Youth Environment Network, Commonwealth Youth Climate Network, is former Caribbean Coordinator for the Sustainable Development Solutions Youth Network, regional representative for Global Power Shift of and is a Global Advisor to FRIDA- the Young Feminist Fund.

Ayesha has co-organized consultations on climate change to provide space for Jamaican youth to contribute to the dialogue on climate change. More recently she coordinated the UNDP’s Caribbean youth delegation from across 8 Caribbean countries to the UN Youth Climate Summit which was held in New York at the United Nations Head Quarters. She is founder of the Young People for Action on Climate Change Jamaica (YPACCJa) which aims to serve as an umbrella organization for youth -led climate groups.

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