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Being the change, you want to see epitomizes this episode and even moreso, our guest, Dr. Daniel Gbujie Chidubem. Like a full plate of steaming jollof rice, the Nigerian dishes in full detail his experiences as a family man, a young medical doctor, climate youth leader and now tech expert as he uses his talents and connections to be living example for his children. His pathway to climate advocacy was fueled by the land resources conflict between the Fulanis and local farmers which exposed the harsh reality of the environment crisis in Nigeria. The domestic conflict also hit close to home, resulting in the death of a family member. In 2017 he started Team 54 project now 3 years and 110,00 members later, the vibrant organization is active in 169 countries coordinating various climate projects.

In this interview we learn about the inner workings of Team 54 mobilizing youth across the globe, winning the admiration of Nobel Prize Winner and environmentalist Al Gore, and their innovative work creating RepClime and SpaceClime climate innovations.

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“RepClime a climate adaptive tool to help vulnerable communities survive the harsh reality of a disruptive climate. If fully functional it will be a ‘climate Wikipedia’ too. It’s currently being promoted by the Swedish based group –  We Don’t Have Time but we need over 100,000 ordinary global citizens to click to support the app idea. Please do share with your friends because here is a way to help with just a click stating ‘ I Agree’.

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Once a 100,000 clicks have been reached the Swedish based firm will begin the process of getting it funded. This is a great way to contribute towards saving over 24 million climate refugees and providing them with the needed climate resilient tools to thrive within their ecospace.”

Connect with Daniel on Instagram @gbujiedan19 and the movement at

About The Guest

Global Yaadie - Team 54 Project

Dr. Daniel Gbujie Chidubem

Dr. Daniel Gbujie Chidubem hails from south eastern Nigeria but currently lives in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. He leads the NGO Team 54 Project International, which advocates for climate solutions in vulnerable communities in Africa’s 54 countries and beyond. Team 54 Project has conducted climate science education and training, organized rallies and petition drives, and involved communities in planting of tens thousands of trees across Africa and Asia. They plan to expand their work, including by planting one million trees in partnership with Women’s Virtual Choir,, and Let’s Do It. Daniel received the Global Youth Parliament “Global Youth Leadership Award and was nominated as a Global Landscape Forum ECO-HERO Champion. He has been interviewed by the Conservative Mom and Parvati Magazine. 2. Daniel says: “Our success lies in our determination to work together and collectively resolving to protect our shared natural resources and to advocate for responsible ways to use them while helping vulnerable people or communities survive sustainably….The desire to protect my African culture from being destroyed by climate change plus the fact I wanted a better future for my daughter Kendu inspired me greatly.” Daniel has also been inspired by Swiss spray paint artist Canvas Art. The painting captures the world in its fruitful and dark and barren states, and was donated to the City of Catbalogan, Philippines, to remind them of the likely outcome if they don’t protect nature. Daniel is a fellow of the Cornell University, Ithaca NYC, climate fellowship and recently was appointed as a member of the youth representative steering committee of United Nations, Department of Global Communications. Currently he is working with his team on developing a climate innovative idea called “The RepClime App”.